Kills viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi and smells

Self-sanitising, invisible coating

Keeps surfaces, electronics and high touch areas sanitised for 12 months!*

*Activated by light, Ecocoat Titan keeps high touch, high traffic areas sanitised for 12 months and will remain effective after 10,000 cleaning cycles with soap based cleaning products

Ongoing Protection
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Applying and testing Ecocoat TITAN
safe to use on almost anything

Clear of pathogens, even after two days heavy use

Ecocoat Titan is a photocatalytic self cleaning coating that decomposes pathogens, cleaning the air and surface effectively.

Unlike other photocatalyst products that are easily removed from touch, Ecocoat Titan’s unique ‘Activ-Tough’ technology actively cleans surfaces, durable against common household cleaners and continues to work even after 10,000 cycles of scrubbing. 

Ecocoat Titan is specifically designed for high traffic areas that requires high standards of hygiene.

Unique & innovative solution

Ecocoat Titan Active Protection


Ecocoat Titan is a brand new product, exclusive to cec in the UK.
We can apply the product as a service or we can train and certify you or a nominated person to correctly and safely apply the product for maximum effect.​

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